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Command Center™ has been developed by compliance professionals in the forest products industry. It provides a solution for fulfilling the requirements of timber trade legislation such as EUTR and the Lacey Act, as well as the requirements of voluntary forest certifications.
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Elevate your due diligence to the next level

Command Center™ is a flexible and robust risk assessment tool with built-in workflow and document retention features. It can be integrated with ERP or other systems for comprehensive business intelligence, or it can be deployed as a turnkey solution for best-in-class supply chain compliance out of the box.


Role-based access, accountability and oversight when data is changed, and back-end audit log for every record.


Options for automated data collection and workflows for risk assessment, approval, monitoring, and more.


Information in context when you need it, where you need it. Front-end for doucment management system and complete solution for compliance operation and management.

Here's what our customers say

Everyone who is engaged in the process of timber compliance and sustainability is confronted with a lot of data and information on all layers of the supply chain. Command Center gives Vandecasteele the environment to easily structure the information and produce it again when required. It is becoming our compliance communication tool towards all our stakeholders.
- Isabelle Polfliet
Compliance Manager, Vandecasteele Houtimport
We love the product. It’s tailor-made to meet the compliance requirements of our industry, in terms of documentation, organization, and maintenance.
- Stuart Clarke
President, Clarke Veneers and Plywood
DoubleHelix has been so impressed by the Command Center platform that we use it ourselves to organize and communicate our internal information library as well as to simplify and improve our reporting outputs to our clients.
- Max Horowitz-Burdick
Director of Americas, Double Helix Tracking Technologies
This tool is a smart and helpful asset for every supply chain administrator, as well as every company which needs to comply with global timber trading regulations.
- Amani Abdalla
Corporate Social Responsability Manager, JAF Group
Command Center helps me manage complex compliance data while offering the flexibility to fit existing company processes. It’s an easily compatible, smart tool that I would not want to do without.
- Bernadette Gessl
Supply Chain Administrator, JAF Group
For DoubleHelix, Command Center provides us with an essential tool to better manage risk assessment and mitigation data internally, while building accessible evidence of due diligence for our clients. This goes beyond managing legal compliance risk. It creates cost-saving efficiencies and clear communication of transparency and legality. It’s helping our customers differentiate themselves as leaders in the industry.
- Darren Thomas
CEO and Co-Founder, Double Helix Tracking Technologies
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Frequently asked questions

Still feeling unsure? More questions? These might help!

Trial Account

Can I have a trial account?

Command Center is a specialized Management Information System and platform, like an ERP or a reporting suite. Like those other types of Management Information System, Command Center requires setup, customization, and training. We include these with every new Command Center implementation, but we can’t offer trial accounts in advance of this setup and training service. However, if you would like to see your own data in Command Center, we can book a demo time to input some sample information together to give you insight into how Command Center can work for you.

Data Security

In the event of disaster, will I be able to recover and use my data in a timely manner?

Yes. Command Center is a cloud-native application run on Cloud Foundry, a fast and secure application delivery platform. This means you don’t have software to install or a server to maintain, and you can access your Command Center account on any computer as long as you have an internet connection, a browser, and your login credentials.

The Command Center database is a SQL database run on Amazon’s Amazon Web Services zoned in the USA. We maintain several different levels of backups to make sure that the right amount of information can be restored depending on the situation.

• Nightly Backups: maximum 2 weeks history (counting from yesterday)
• Sunday Backups: maximum 3 months history (counting from yesterday)
• Monthly Backups (1st Sunday of each month): maximum 1 year history

Physical backups are stored redundantly, with the primary backup location in Virginia, USA, and the secondary backup location in California, USA.

Can I manage the access my colleagues and contacts have to my Command Center data?

Very easily. Access to Command Center and all data contents is password-protected and role-based.

Access to all protected contents is provided based on individual user roles through named user accounts protected by password.  User roles define the scope of authority which each user is granted within a Customer’s database.  Likewise, the actual processing functions are granted/denied access by role-based security.  Each module, function, routine, screen, and menu in Command Center has been customized for each defined role.

By granting your team access within defined roles, you can ensure that each individual can only see and do what you want them to.

How is my information secured during storage (in the database) and transit (in use)?

Command Center uses a robust internet technology called Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https), which is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. TLS is an authentication and security protocol widely implemented in browsers and Web servers. This provides security and credibility for Command Center access.

The Command Center database is encrypted at rest and in transit using AES-256 cryptography, meaning your data is protected from prying eyes by industry-standard security technology.

How does Command Center maintain accountability for users within my company domain?

Command Center maintains a “transaction log” or “audit log” for all mission-critical stored data.  This allows a “before and after” representation of each change which is enacted upon a customer’s dataset.  In addition to the before and after values, the audit log records the date, time, and currently logged-in user for the change.  This provides a complete record of change for your data. You can access and use your audit log within Command Center to monitor, demonstrate information chain-of-custody, or even simply correct typo mistakes.

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