New Features Inbound!

Over the next few months, FiberTrace is getting some major upgrades to help solve new challenges!

Colin Miller
September 7, 2023
New Features Inbound!

We have some exciting updates to share about FiberTrace, and we want our friends and users to hear the news first!

Over the next few months, major updates are rolling out across FiberTrace—from small design changes that make your day-to-day tasks easier, to huge new features that open opportunities for next-generation mapping, tracing, and automation. Many of these new tools are focused on enabling users to comply efficiently with EUDR, UFLPA, and other rapidly-evolving mandates. We plan to roll these changes out gradually, starting today!

These features and more are rolling out this summer to all FiberTrace plans at the Enterprise level and up. Don't worry...your existing data is safe and backed up as always, but you will now have many more interconnected tools at your fingertips for managing the compliance and sustainability practices that help your company shine.

Stay tuned for webinar information and other resources to help you make the most of your new FiberTrace features. Have a look yourself by getting in touch!

Here is a small sample of the improvements you can expect to discover over the coming months.
  • Dig deep into your supply chains with enhanced Building Blocks.
    New supply chain building and charting tools that let you elaborate complex value chains quickly and visibly
  • Map and monitor your sources automatically with Mapping Toolbox.
    GIS-enabled maps that automatically generate for each supply chain and can automate monitoring for deforestation and other indicators
  • Connect with your suppliers using Portal.
    An evolution of our Accelerator concept specially designed to help you collect and process information directly from your vendors into your FiberTrace account as efficiently as possible
  • Streamline your work with Command Panel.
    A consistent interaction pattern rolling out across all of FiberTrace that grants access to any available commands in a single drawer-style context menu
  • Generate reports that match your brand with FiberTrace Reports.
    Fully-rebuilt reports that look great and support custom logos
  • Find anything with Universal Search.
    Finally! Search and filter across any and all component types from a single search tool

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